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The versatile concept of the ROTA xfillR for small batches convinces during the live demonstrations!

22. June 2023

Specialists from the pharmaceutical, medical and biotech industries, from diagnostics, R&D, planning offices and CDMOs came together at the xfillR days at ROTA Verpackungstechnik in Wehr. What requirements do these professionals have in common? What are the biggest challenges? How can we help?

Together with our partners Franz Ziel and Staubli Robotics, various solutions for containment protection and the flexible use of robots were discussed. Backgrounds, current trends and planned further developments were able to flow directly into the exciting discussions. An exchange of experiences with great added value was achieved for all participants.

"It is great to see how much expertise and commitment ROTA dedicates to the development of new ideas and in doing so harmonises customer wishes and market conditions," was the praise of our expert guests.

Here is the summary of the experts attending the event:

✔ The universal use of the compact xfillR offers a future-proof basis for a variety of aseptic application possibilities.

✔ When filling different batches, the xfillR impresses with its easy and exceptionally quick changeover for various objects and closures.

A big THANK YOU to all our guests for the open insights and different suggestions in the joint dialogue!

The valuable feedback underpins the innovative concept of the xfillR, and leads to the continious development of our technical solutions.

The perfect wrap-up of the xfillR days was the live demonstration for all ROTA employees, which was very well appreciated.

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xfillR days: guests & experts
xfillR experts & guests

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